Tricia Handley-Hughes

40 years of travel industry experience has resulted in Tricia Handley-Hughes taking the helm for InteleTravel. As the UK and Ireland Managing Director, the role holds full fiscal and commercial responsibility for the world’s largest (and oldest) host agency for travel homeworking with 15,300 agents in the UK and 400 in Ireland.

InteleTravel launched the first homeworking agency 33 years ago in the USA, bringing the business model to the UK five years ago. The aim was, and remains, to attract, nurture and retain new talent in the industry. Today with a rigid training programme, and portfolio of 95 engaged preferred partners the business continues to deliver healthy revenues.

Tricia’s experience includes aviation, airports, tourism management, brand communications consultancy and developing an Inbound Tourism business. A previous Chair of AWTE and winner of several accolades whilst running Pinpoint, she was also awarded Business Person of the Year by London Chamber of Commerce.

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